The Innate Message Process

Your message takes the hopes, dreams, fears and desires that already exist in the hearts of millions of people, and focuses that desire to your service.” - Breakthrough Advertising 1966

Innate message Process

Using a firm understanding of human behaviour we coach you to discover your ideal patient and their emotional drivers for chiropractic care.

With this understanding, we are able to craft a unique message which speaks to the emotional brain and subconscious identity of your ideal patients.

The result is a message that sets you apart from the noise of other chiropractors, and puts you in a league of your own.

People will no longer need convincing to start care with you, but instead will be excited and willing to pay full price.

Here is how we do it. 

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Step #1: Discover your ideal patient

Who does this website need to speak to? What are their emotional pain points that drive them to come and visit you?

These are the two most important questions to answer in order to create an effective online presence. By understanding your ideal patient, you begin to understand their true motives for care.

This is the most important factor in creating an effective message.

We work on the 80/20 principal. 80% of your practice income comes from 20% of your patients. We help you double down on this 20% of people, and find more people just like them.

The opposite is also true. 80% of your practice headaches come from 20% of your patients. By creating a message that is clear towards some it will also deter the people that do not fit in your practice.

The result is more fun in practice and more profits.

Innate Creative, SEO for Chiropractors

Step #2: Brand Consulting

In the stage you will work directly with our Chiropractor and branding consultant Dr Jake Currie.

Jake’s speciality is helping you craft your practice vision and message. Once we understand your target audience we are able to position you as the solution to their deepest desires.

In these sessions we will help you get clear on your communication style to not only maximise your external marketing efforts but also to help you communicate more effectively internally with your patients.

Innate Creative, SEO for Chiropractors

Step #3: Craft your message

Once we understand your ideal patient, we can start to imagine what life would be like for them.

What are their fears? What are their deepest desires? What are they really worried about when they have back pain?

By understanding the answers to these questions we can start to position you as the medium to get them from where they are now, to where they want to be.

This message will speak to the subconscious identity of your ideal patient. They will feel heard and understood immediately, resulting in a unconscious trust and rapport with you and your practice.

They will be excited to start care with you, and happy to pay full price because they have convinced THEMSELVES you are the answer to their problems.

Here you can let go of your incessant need to educate the patient so they ‘get it’ and simply be there with them on their health journey.

Innate Creative, SEO for Chiropractors

Step #4: Custom Website desing and build

This is where we put it all together. With your ideal patient in mind we craft a visual design that is familiar and appealing to them.

Your message shines through the copy we produce and we format the information in a particular order to appeal all brain processing types.

Unlike many other chiropractic website companies, we build all our sites from scratch. We do not use pre-made templates. You are getting a unique one of a kind website.

The result is you have an online asset which consistently converts your ideal new patients. Your practice is then able to grow from the inside out, as these people follow through with care and actively refer others who have the same subconscious identities.

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