Frequently asked questions

1. I am looking to start a practice or take over an existing practice. What can you do for me?
We can help with any stage of business. Depending on your objectives and needs we can work with you to create a website that suits you and your practice. The best place to start is to schedule a free strategy session with our resident Chiropractor and web developer Jake Currie - simply schedule a time here.

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2. I already have a website can you just freshen it up and make it work better? I don't want to build a full website.
By the sounds of it, our services might not be for you. We specifically don't 'redo' websites as it is twice as much work. For example, it is kind of like getting a transfer patient with hand-written soap notes that you can't read. In this instance, it is better to perform your own examination and perform adjustments based on your findings. The result is going to be much better.
3. I already have a website but I know it doesn't look good on mobile and isn't very attractive. Where do I start?
Every practice website is different, it is hard to give you a definitive answer. The best option for you right now is probably our free practice website audit. In this, we will evaluate your website and SEO, and see where you can improve. To request your free audit click here:

4. My website is pretty good already, but I'm not getting any new patients from Google.
Let us find out why. Perhaps you don't have any clear call to actions. Perhaps your new patients are not finding the information they want on your website. Perhaps it's not easy to navigate on mobile. Maybe even the call button doesn't link through. There are a number of ways to increase your conversions from your home page, but also you may want to consider optimising your Google My Business or implementing local SEO strategies. All of which we can help you with.

ANSWER: We can perform a free website/SEO audit for you. Simply request one here:

5. I own a Physiotherapy/Osteo/Cat Grooming practice, do you only work with Chiropractic practices?
We mainly work with Chiropractic practices as that is what we know. That being said, we are skilled web developers and are happy to tackle any project. (We just refuse to work with cats, Jaz is allergic!)

To see how we can help you specifically, schedule a strategy session here:

6. My website is pretty good, I just want to improve my Google ranking. Can you help?
Damn straight we can! We cater a variety of SEO services for our clients dependent upon their needs. If you want us to perform a free SEO audit, please request your audit here:

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