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 Jake Currie, Chiropractor, Innate Creative

Jake Currie

Chiropractor and Web Developer

I know what it is like to be a chiropractor and there is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone's life change thanks to chiropractic care.

Nothing quite compares to the internal satisfaction that comes with seeing a patient light up and participate in life fully.

I started my practice in Noosa in 2015 and grew it from zero to capacity within 1 year. I did little marketing, but had an epic brand that was professional and effortlessly attracted my ideal patients. I loved creating the brand and crafting the message that would resonate with my ideal patients.

Practice was EPIC. I was in FLOW.

But once the practice had grown to capacity, I became bored and unfulfilled. I soon realised my unique skills were better suited to growing a practice brand rather than the day to day adjusting. The creative part of me felt trapped in my open adjusting area.

At the start of 2018, with a heavy heart, I sold the practice. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life. I loved chiropractic and helping people, but it was not where I was meant to play. This is when my partner Jaz and I decided to travel the world.

While travelling, Jaz and I started a travel blog. It taught us so much about websites and marketing. I soon realised that perhaps it was a way that we could help Chiropractors around the world.

Helping practices create amazing online brands (like I did) that would effortlessly attract their ideal patients.

Since then Jaz and I have been on a mission to learn everything about web development, user experience and what makes patients take action.

I am now in a great position where I can use my unique skills and be incredibly creative while helping the profession I love so much.

Although I am not directly practicing, helping practices grow with a killer online presence gives me the internal satisfaction of seeing more people being helped under chiropractic care. I am very grateful to be giving back to the profession that gave me so much.

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Jaz Considine, Web Developer, Innate Creative

Jasmine Considine

Web Developer and Marketer

I've worked for large scale marketing agencies with client lists including Samsung Australia, Virgin Australia, DHL, St. George Bank and Westpac. I've also worked in Advertising and Sponsorship for Sydney University Union, which has given me an edge in the advertising world. But the thing that really makes me tick is Web Development.

Bringing a brand and brand story to life through web development is my passion. I love the intricate details, the endless possibilities, and the potential for business growth from the amazing marketing tool that it is.

I want to help you bring your story to life for your new patients, but also help you with your main goal - bringing more new people into chiropractic care. As a team we CAN help you with this!

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