Our top tips for your practice photoshoot

September 05, 2019

SMILE! It is time for your photoshoot.

Stunning imagery helps to showcase your professionalism while building confidence, trust and a sense of familiarity. Check out our photoshoot page for great examples of images that you can show to your photographer when briefing them in. These images are great, and work well on websites.

Other helpful tips for your photographer:

Use patients that mirror your ideal patients so potential new patients can resonate with the images.
SMILE! No body wants to come to a grumpy chiropractor.
Dress as you would in practice, if you wear casual clothes - don’t wear a suit. If you have a uniform - make sure that is in the images.
For website you will ideally need landscape photos. Portrait works best for socials.
A wide angle lens is always best to capture an entire space, reception area, adjusting area or someone being adjusted.
Images can always be cropped in closer, so the further away they are taken the better.
Always try to have your photoshoot taken when your practice is in the most amount of natural light.

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