SEO is so important for Chiropractors

June 22, 2019

Everyone has heard of SEO, but is it really that important to invest time and energy into it? Our advice is yes - 100%.

If you are not on Page 1 of Google searches in your area, you are not being considered by your local community. Don’t be your community’s best kept secret.

Let’s take a look at Voice Search. It’s set to take over in the coming year. We have all heard of Siri, Alexa, Google Home and we’re sure there are many more in the making.

At present the general population know they are there, and most of us have turned commands off. But the likes of Google and Amazon have big things ahead in this space. To be ahead of the game, you need to be on Page 1 of Google Searches!

According to the ‘We are Social 2019 Digital 2019 Report’, the report has seen 25% of internet users using voice search or voice commands. Evidence suggests this is only going to increase year-on-year and is set to disrupt the search landscape. Consumers will no longer be seeing a page of search results, but hearing one or two results cherry-picked by their voice assistant.

This means that your ranking on Google is now, more than ever, most important. You need to be number 1 or 2 when people search for a Chiropractor in your area.

At Innate Creative, we offer SEO management for your practice website. A few key things we work with are:

If you want to be ahead of your competitors and rank on Page 1 of Google, book in for a consult call today!

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